Useful Tips When Buying Sunglasses

As mentioned above, the UV protection is a very important aspect to check when buying shades. Ultraviolet rays, popularly called UV, cause damage to our eyes. Cataracts are the most familiar effect of UV rays. And this is the reason why you need to give utmost attention to the UV protection that your sunglasses will give you.

People normally do not mind if the glasses they are to buy will disfigure images. In reality, most do not even realize that the shades they are wearing can actually deform images. Substandard rectangle sunglasses have this characteristic of distorting images causing blind spots in your ocular field. Some people even have dizzy spells upon removing the glasses.

The lens color was not included in the whole sunglasses package for nothing or for just to be trendy. The range of each color offers different benefits. Providing the most efficient protection from blue light are the yellow lenses, whereas the highest resolution is extended by the copper-colored lenses.

Volume of light transmission or VLT is another aspect to check into. Anywhere between 18 – 27% is the suggested range of VLT, which is a very good range for donning sunglasses on a very bright day. Your shades will give you low visibility if the range is below or above this percentage. This only means that you are not getting sufficient defense against solar radiation.

Wearing sunglasses gives us a lot of benefits especially those who are into sports. Choose a lightweight pair of sunglasses to make you more relaxed. Your wearing sunglasses must not be like you are carrying a heavy load on your face or ears. You should feel like you are not wearing anything at all. Sports sunglasses always have the tendency to fall off your face, so check this one out.

Finally, examine the lens type. An open visual field giving the best kind of clarity is the spherical de-centered lenses. Made of thinner material, they are lighter and are considered the most well-known and preferred kind of lenses. If you plan to buy these types of lenses, check their blue light blocking performance.

A good quality pair of shades will definitely give your eyes the needed protection. Likewise, they offer you a lot of comfort as well as various styles to choose from.




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