The Fashion of Interior Design

The trends in interior design follow certain styles that are coming into fashion. As for this moment, we observe that there is an increasing movement toward the Art Noveau and Art Deco design themes. Increasing popularity of animal prints, floral, paisleys, geometric shapes and patterns that are inspired of these designs. Also, a continuous movement is being observed toward a home’s contemporary design. In design of the furniture, for instance, we are observing minimal, straight and squared off arms and straighter designs. Lately, we are seeing serpentine shape resurgence. In 18th and 19th centuries what is considered as eye-pleasing in the trend of interior design is seen everywhere at our time. Lastly, the movement is great to the eclectic, whereas people aren’t following one style but a mix and match that will suit their taste. We notice this trend in furniture designs that re-interpreting the past that results in pieces with traditional and modern twist.

Global Focus
In any place today, we notice the global focus in interior design is increasing. In the trend of interior design, there’s a multicultural interior design merging that has a certain focus on India, Latin America, Morocco, Russia and China. For example, there is the latest re-emergence of Asian style which has been favored less for the past years. The Indian and Eastern ethnic pattern is being worn in little doses, woven into more classic designs without looking too trendy. It is also noticeable the color schemes emergence which embody the earthy, rich colors that are associated with Native Americans, Aboriginals and African cultures.

Going Green

The trends that are famous in interior design are focused on responsible living. There is increased demand and availability for sustainable, fair trade and green products for the home. With all the high end products,dried flowers no one can find eco-bedding that is silky with some green accessories. An option for eco-friendly flooring is being offered now, created from materials of metal and glass that is being recycled or the like of bamboo for renewable sources. New available porcelain and ceramic tiles are created with processes which use an essential percentage of pre and post consumer waste and easy and durable to care for, as the version of older flooring. Environmentally and natural friendly designs of furniture, as well continue the trend of go-green.

The story in interior design is the vibrant color. The furniture with bright color is famous. Metal, gray, blue-green, purple and yellow make a positive feel, calmed and balanced with neutrals like brown. Pink shades also are making its way back to interior decorating.



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