When I Had to Sell My House Myself, I Used 3 Principles to Sell it Fast

Selling your house can be overwhelming believe me I know. Especially if you want to sell your house privately. There are many benefits to selling your house on your own. One of them is not having to pay realtor commissions so basically you are selling your house for free, although there are some costs still involved. The one thing you must keep in mind though is that it can be done. hunting property for sale in missouri by yourself is challenging but well worth the extra revenue in the end. When I sold my house myself I followed 3 principles to get offers coming in.

The first principle is work ethic. Now this comes into play in almost anything you want to succeed at and selling your house privately is no exception. When selling your house on your own you really must treat it like a part time small business that you own. The sad thing is that many people treat it as a burden and not an opportunity to cash in. So if you put in the work you will be rewarded as if it’s a small business because selling a house if done right can be a major pay day.

The second principle is house condition. Sorry I don’t have a better word for it. This entails 2 parts. Your curb appeal or the outside of your house and the interior of your house. Your houses curb appeal is really your chance for your first impression to perspective buyers. Don’t neglect your landscaping or the physical appearance of your house. Make sure everything is neat and clean. Nothing fancy because you don’t know what other people like, but one thing you can assure everyone likes in a house is cleanliness, at least when they first buy it. As far as the interior of your house just remember 1 thing. Clutter is bad. No one cares about your taste in style or your hobbies. If you have too much stuff rent a self storage and get it out of there. You want the potential buyer to see themselves in a new house. Not one that someone has lived their whole house in.

Now the third principle you need to live buy is that advertising is king. You need to get the word out there in as many ways as possible. Besides the obvious sign in the yard and open house here are a few new age ideas to get the ball rolling. But remember to be creative. Today you have the luxury of online directories. There are a lot of real estate directories out there and you need to make sure your house is on a vast majority of them. The second online resource that is underused is video sharing sites like You Tube. Make a video of a virtual tour of your house and post it to all the video sharing sites out there and make sure you give it a very good title and description. Make sure you put the location in your title and description. And last but not least don’t forget about word of mouth. Although this is the oldest form of advertising it’s still around because it’s the most powerful.


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