Wall Tapestries and Oil Paintings As a Nice Decoration for Your House and an Investment

Wall tapestries

People were always interested in making their homes look beautiful. Even in the middle ages, the interiors of castles were very beautifully ornamented. Thousands of years have passed, but the trend has still remained the same.

People are doing everything, to have their house in a good shape, not only outside, but also inside, and the available ways of decorating allow them, to change an ordinary building, into something similar to art gallery. These days you can use original photo to oil painting, sculptures, beautiful, antique furniture, but if you are looking for something really unique, then you could consider getting some wall tapestries – they have made a huge come back in recent years.

What is the reason of their high popularity? It is caused mostly by the fact, that they add elegance wherever they are placed. There is also another huge advantage – a big variety of available wall tapestries. You can get almost any shape, colour, size and style you would like for your place. What is interesting, you can get a wall tapestry based on an artwork done by a professional and well-known artist.

If you don’t know a thing about wall tapestries, then you could use a definition. Tapestries are works of art, originally produced on loom, wool, silk or cotton, but now, also on synthetic fibers, which helped to reduce their price – original ones, made of silk etc. where really expensive, and not everyone could afford them.

If you want an original, and elegant way to decorate your house, thenΒ wall tapestriesΒ are certainly a way to go, and will impress all of the guests, who visit your house.

Original oil paintings

Painting is one of the most popular branches of art, mostly because it focuses on the sense of sight. People enjoyed looking at beautiful pictures thousands of years ago, and that thing haven’t changed since then. There is a huge variety of available paintings, you could get almost anything, from beautiful landscapes, to almost photo-realistic portraits of famous people.

The most common and popular technique is to use pigments mixed with drying oils – for example poppy seed, safflower, walnut or linseed oil. As you may probably guess, all of these oils have different properties and they also change the properties of the paint, such as colour, drying time, its consistency and such things.

Due to these different properties, original oil paintings can be really interesting. Some artists are able to create almost photo-realistic paintings, which are very popular among critics and customers. Even though the history of original oil paintings is fairly long (the first oil paintings were created in 6th century), they weren’t that much popular until the Renaissance, when it soon turned into the most popular painting technique. Although original oil paintings are still very popular, not everyone can afford them due to their insanely high prices.



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