The Hidden Gem of Banksy Canvas Art

Many people believe that the technique of canvas printing takes your photos and puts them onto canvas in one generic way. But the truth is that there is a wealth of opportunities to personalise your canvas prints in any ways that suit you! One of the most popular of these methods is the Banksy canvas, which involves enhancing your photos through a contemporary twist in the style of the revolutionary street artist Banksy.

Banksy effect on your photo

Banksy’s artwork is characterised by a burst of colour, a distinctly urban feel, a controversial political message, defined subjects, and striking aesthetics. If you wish, you can combine all or just a few of these elements in your Banksy canvas! The background texture provided by the street wall gives a very modern feel to the design and functions brilliantly with almost any colour scheme of photo taken almost anywhere. Some of the most visually striking Banksy canvas art are those pieces whose original shots were taken of a scene which is about as far away from a city street as possible, and yet the contrast seems to work fantastically to provide very elegant and dynamic results.

Banksy effect canvas prints

For example, many wedding photos or photos taken on honeymoons on a Mallorcan beach can look absolutely breathtaking when transformed into a Banksy canvas. The rough and imprecise nature of the wall behind makes for a delicious juxtaposition of grains and patterns – the most perfect banksy canvas artwork around. The black, white and grey of the wall is contrasted pointedly with the colour of the person or pet’s clothing as the subject of the picture, which really brings into sharp focus the details and striking impact of the main photo itself.

Banksy canvas photo art

The great thing about Banksy canvas art is that cracks in the wall and any imperfections in your photos can be ironed out if need be or, which is much more exciting, included and incorporated within the image for a very artistic effect. The technique of Banksy canvas celebrates your photography skills, allowing you to liberate those great snaps you can remember taking from your last family holiday or from your final day at school with your mates. Just imagine the scene at any special occasion. Your loved one has opened up present after present from their nearest and dearest – ranging from socks to chocolates (exciting stuff) – and then they see, out of the corner of their eye, a mammoth square-shaped gift wrapped up at the bottom of the pile. What could it be? They ask themselves. Slowly they take off the shiny paper, and a burst of colour hits them. A rush of excitement and they rapidly rip the rest of covering. Ah, at last. A visually spectacular and undoubtedly beautiful Banksy canvas. What a stunning gift.


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