Software Testing Services – The Prevailing Trends

According to recent facts, the Government statistics reported that billion was lost annually due to software bugs. It is estimated that at least billion could have been saved if the apps were properly tested and deployed.

It has also been observed that some companies prefer to fell the first axe on IT budget especially the software resources which in turn affect the quality of the product internally. Faced with intense competition, most organizations regard testing to be the first unnecessary arm of IT which can be axed. This is not true as the overall product might turn out to be faulty and bring in even more losses than the overall cost involved in IT services.

A study conducted by AMR Research, Boston revealed that offshore software testing saves companies up to 75% in in-house costs. Also, the study ranked services from countries like India to be great qualitatively while countries are also focusing on upping their performance and quality levels. Software QA Company are crucial in fixing defects and though it takes up nearly 50% of the total development cost for software development, it cannot be ignored amidst tough competition.

Software Processes which are part of the Software Testing Life Cycle:

Β·Β Test Maintenance:Β Tracking and analysis primarily are part of test maintenance and there are various tools involved including Rational Test Manager which are used to help out the process.

Β·Β Test Automation:Β Test automation consists of automated tools for creation of test cases and their analysis. Testing on e-commerce applications also called e-testing is also a part of test automation.

Β·Β Defect Management:Β Defect management involves tracking & analysis of the defects found during the testing phase. This process requires tools like Rational ClearQuest & other bug and defect tracking tools.

Β·Β Test Environment Management:Β The setup and configuration of a test environment is important for the process of software testing. Virtualization tools are used to ensure perfect environment replications and timely deployment of the Test Lab.

There are a plethora of software testing types and processes including functional testing, automated testing, black box testing, etc along with different approaches. It primarily depends on the approach taken by the client for software development which decides whether testing has to be performed throughout or just as a phase in the software development cycle. One can opt for a QA analyst or offshore software testing provider or just hire a virtual team of testers along with their own set of in-house team of developers.




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