Gem Balls – they are a unique decorative item

Gemstone balls are unique home accessories. No matter if it is your living room or the office, you would make a unique style statement with it. They are a creative way to add charm and class to an otherwise plain looking globe.

The reasons for purchasing this home accessory vary from person to person. Some people like to use Edelsteine globes as a mere reference source to keep track of countries around the world, but they look prettier than regular globes. For others, they are a symbol of class and prestige, made of precious or semi-precious stones. Still others acquire them as exhibit collectibles, as these pieces are artistic marvels created from perfectly matched pieces of stone.

If you want to buy gemstone balls out of pure love for gemstones, you can also look at those made of different stones. Depending on your taste or, say, your budget, you can choose to buy semi-precious stones or higher-priced real gemstone options. The stone types generally used to make the gemstone balls are: Blue Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Purple Quartz, Abalone Shell, Aphricite, Banded Agate, Belioculas Onyx, Jade Stones such as Mongolian Spotted Jade, Mongolian White Jade, Phoenix Jade, South African jade etc., chrysolithos, coral, green and red jasper, meerschaum, tigerite or tiger’s eye and many more.

Not all gem globes follow the same theme. In addition to the traditional looking stones of blue gems for water, brown and green gems for land, and white gems for the north and south poles, others are color themed, choosing stone sets with complementary colors to create the shapes of the surrounding lands.

Additionally, if you really want something special, there are ways to custom order gemstone globes. In this case, they can be just the gems you want to see, or possibly have special features or additions to make them special just for you.

In terms of size, gemstone balls come in a wide variety. From desktop options to choosing floor sizes, they run the gamut in size and shape. In addition to the size, they can also be built in a number of containers. Some will stand on simple structures where the globe is the centerpiece of the item. Others are encased in a beautiful wooden frame or table base, and the wooden frame for the gemstone balls is just as attractive as the globe.

There are many gemstone globes that are not just table decorations to view and admire the countries of the world. In addition, they are made into bookends, paperweights, clocks, fountain pens, wine stoppers and even jewelry. This variety of items means you can literally give someone the world.


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