Yoga Teacher Training Online: Assess Your Skills To Become A Yoga Instructor

Before signing up for yoga teacher training online, it’s important to evaluate the skills that are required to become a teacher, and ensure that there’s proper preparation for the reality of training to be a yoga instructor. While a person interested in yoga may be able to perform the more complicated poses, there have to be various skills beyond flexibility and the desire to share yoga wisdom with others.

Business Sense

A potential yoga teaching student should assess their skills in other areas of the business side of yoga. Teaching yoga is still teaching students, and at its essence, yoga services clients. This makes it a service industry where yoga instructors have to assess their need for payment. Anyone who wants to become a Yoga TTC in Rishikesh has to eat and pay rent too. They have to be compensated for their time. Most yoga teachers are self-employed, and they’ll have to worry about health insurance, taxes and other financial realities.


Many yoga instructors cannot sustain a living if they are only working for a gym or teaching a class once or twice a week. It’s important to diversify income streams so that the instructor isn’t stuck with only one way to earn money. The harsh truth is that instructors are only paid per student during a class at a gym. The instructor will have to find private clients and other avenues of work. In some cases, yoga instructors will start out on a part-time basis before being able to sustain themselves on their teaching income alone.


If the yoga teacher has diversified, he or she will have a weird schedule. This should be considered from the start. They might have classes early in the morning for the early risers, and late classes for those who like to exercise at night. Yoga teachers could spend more time traveling to a client’s home than teaching classes. It’s a reality that most instructors will have to understand when they are planning.


Yoga teacher training online can prepare students for the variety of challenges that arise when they become a yoga instructor from scheduling problems to the business side of being a yoga instructor. Unfortunately, it’s not all about enlightenment and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with others. It’s a business, but training can prepare a student for the entire profession, not just the skills of yoga poses.


Instead of training to become a general yoga instructor, a potential student should consider specializing in a certain asana. It could be personal style that sets the potential instructor apart from other instructors and students will flock to that style, or it could be an overall health and wellness package that the instructor encourages. This is a profession that values personality and style, so potential students should think about what kind of teacher they want to be.



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