Why You Should Go to Residential Drug Treatment

Residential drug treatment is probably still the best single solution that we can offer to the recovering drug addict or alcoholic who is struggling to get clean and sober. There are of course other things that a person can do in order to achieve recovery, such as counseling, outpatient therapy, or simply attending 12 step meetings. But none of these solutions seem to offer the level of support and safety that cocaine withdrawal symptoms treatment can provide.

Residential treatment generally starts out with detox, where the recovering addict is supervised by medical staff and possibly given medications to help get them stable. This is a huge advantage over other types of treatments and in some cases medical attention will be necessary anyway. For example, many people who are detoxing from alcohol will need medical supervision in order to prevent seizures from occurring.

After detox is over with, the clients at a typical drug rehab will be sent over the groups and the therapy and the lectures, which are usually offered as a combination of several different types of therapy. For example, the clients might work one on one with a therapist, but they will also generally be involved in group therapy, and also be exposed to 12 step meetings. So they are getting a variety of recovery techniques and strategies offered to them while they are in rehab, which can be much more powerful than other, more narrow recovery strategies. In this way, the client can find what works best for them, and then pursue more of that during follow up care.


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