Simple Ways to Create and Craft Your Own Palm Tree Art!

At one time or another, we all have seen pictures of tall, statuesque and idyllic trees gently swaying in the wind. They often pose in front of a descending sun and give us a relaxing ‘vacation’ feeling. Palm trees are indeed majestic giants and are often idolized, crafted and collected.

Palm trees not only show up in natural southern settings garden center in Rockland county, but can also be admired on prints and photographs anywhere in the world. They appear on clothing, dishes, jewelry, shower curtains, or just about any object one can think of. Mexican, Queen or Fan, palm trees are easy to find and even easier to make.

You do not need special skills or a lot of money to fashion simple arts and crafts. With everyday household materials anyone can create the most beautiful palm art. Large potato pieces can be cut into palm tree shapes and used to stamp elegant greenery on paper, fabric, hat boxes or any smooth paintable surface. Cardboard, bright magazine pages and felt can be cut and glued into various tree sizes. Add a dash of ornamental glitter and a stylish frame and you will have created a treasured heirloom. You can even decorate the frame itself. This is a fun craft project that can be done by the entire family.

Palm tree shapes are easy to copy and as a resourceful crafter you could even paint and glue various kinds of macaroni on a surface to create unusual decorations. Just make sure your wall art is out of reach of pets and children. They may think your master piece is a delicious and colorful snack. Another way to create a relaxing, tropical theme is by using palm tree appliquΓ©s, which can be found at most fabric and craft stores. They can be glued, stitched or ironed onto most items, including clothing, caps and hats, lamp shades, towels and even backpacks. As you can see, bringing delightful palm trees into your home, office and lifestyle is easier than you think.



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