Replace Your Boiler and Reduce Your Bills

A new boiler can make an instant impact in reducing your energy bills and helping you control your outgoings. Many homes in the UK are fitted with inefficient heating systems and they’re not fitted with the ideal boiler for their needs.

Installing an energy efficient Cv ketel vervangen can ease your bills by as much as Β£300 a year, as heat will be distributed evenly and you won’t have to turn up the temperature. It’s not just on bills that you’ll see financial benefits either and installing a new boiler will ensure you’re not splashing out on regular services and repairs.

In fact, the average service will put you of pocket between Β£50 and Β£160 each time, and when you add this to your energy bills savings it’s a substantial amount.

Five reasons you should replace your boiler

Efficient upgrade

Many British homes are fitted with inefficient heating systems that aren’t cost-effective. On top of this, the older boilers take up a lot of room with water storage tanks. It takes a long time to heat up water and once the tank’s empty you have to wait for it to refill. This isn’t viable if you’ve a large family, all wanting baths and showers.

Upgrading to a condensing boiler, or more specifically, a combi boiler, will prove much better for your home. Combi boilers fit straight into a cupboard or onto a kitchen wall, and don’t need extra space for storage tanks. The water is then heated directly so you don’t have to wait around and can have hot water whenever it’s needed.

Financial savings

This is probably the biggest incentive for those looking for an upgrade. A new, energy efficient boiler will work up to 35% more efficiently, which gives you an average annual saving of Β£275 a year.

When you add this to the money you’ll save from repairs and call-outs, it turns into a small fortune. Even though February is almost behind us, the cold weather isn’t over. March and April have been typically cold in recent years and boilers can still be prone to breaking down in these months.

Peace of mind

One of the major problems with old, inefficient boilers is the chance of them leaking carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide leaks kill and hospitalise dozens of homeowners every year and this odourless, colourless gas is almost impossible to detect.

Replacing your old boiler with an efficient upgrade will eliminate this problem and keep you and your family safe.


Boilers older than 10-years-old are more likely to breakdown without warning. This will leave you without heat of hot water until you can find the money for repairs. Upgrading your boiler with an Energy Saving Trust recommended replacement will cut the chances of this happening.



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