Post Car Wash Fundraiser Community Relations

The best thing you can do after a successful car wash fundraiser is to throw around a little positive Public Relations and kudos to the community. It will make things easier for your group in the future to raises funds and it will definitely help with next years annual car wash fundraiser events. Having been involved with car wash fundraisers for over a decade I have found subsequent years of annual car wash fundraisers just get progressively better and raise more money each year by fixing mistakes and building on previous good will. Here are some of my recommendations to help you achieve more. For your Post Car Wash Fundraiser Community Relations you should do the following:


You should send thank you letters to the following people that have helped you with your group’s car wash:

The owner of the property where you did the car wash

The printer who printed the tickets

The insurance broker that provided the liability insurance if you bought it

Any corporate sponsors

Water Quality Control government workers

Your committee members (if you are a national group have the regional director sign the letter)


You may want to give certificates to some people that made your fundraiser possible. If you give one to the insurance agent or gas station owner, buy a couple of inexpensive frames and frame them. They will proudly display them in their offices. They will think of you each time they see them. Have the person that designed your tickets make the certificates. You can buy special paper from Office Depot, Staples or OfficeMax quite inexpensively. If you have a local stationery store, ask for a twenty percent discount and mention them in your next newsletter. Maybe you can give them a free business card ad in one of your programs for a free package of blank certificates fundraising website. You should also give certificates to your committee members. Present them at the annual banquet.


Be creative and think of something extra special for thanking the property owner. Maybe a plaque for their wall. Nominate them at the local Chamber of Commerce for an award. Call county officials and tell them of the property owner’s unselfish act. Remember big property owners such as shopping center owners have a lot of political clout. Getting a county supervisor or city council member to recommend them for an award, proclamation or certificate of appreciation is a piece of cake. It also makes the property management company look good. You’re making friends and it can only help you and your group next time.


Try to find a reason to thank a city employee or a city council member. Did they help your fundraiser in any remote way? Present a certificate to them at a city council meeting.


Send the local fixed site car wash owners an apology letter for taking all their business away that weekend. Explain that it’s an annual event. Thank them for their understanding in this matter. Tell them your group’s members promise to continue to patronize their business throughout the rest of the year. You may find that next year they donate $100 to your group’s car wash fundraiser and give you their car wash coupons to give away to every car that comes through your event.


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