PlayStation Move Starter Bundle – A Cheap And Smart Way To Get The Move

PlayStation Move Starter is currently selling well like a hot cake! The main reason behind its popularity is the innovative game play. If you’re currently a happy owner of PS3 who haven’t bought this product yet, you’re missing out a great unimaginable before gaming experience.

PlayStation Move is a new motion sensing control game, somewhat like Nintendo Wii, as an addition to PS3 consoles. One of the most interesting features of PlayStation Move is the microphone-like controller with the light bulb in the top side of it. The controller will basically translate your active movements into the game characters’ moves by sending the waves to the PlayStation Eye Camera. So, in the middle of boxing game, by jabbing your right hand, you will see your game character also strike a jab toward the opponents. It’s a pretty cool device!

Actually, Sony is a little late in entering this market since Wii has dominated it for years. Some experts predicted that Sony will have a hard time to gain market share. Years ago, the idea of launching motion sensor game is not viable for Sony. The bold steps taken by Nintendo is quite unanticipated and Sony was left behind in the dust for quite some time now while Nintendo lead the market share.

However, PS Move sure has one advantage over Wii, which is the excellent game graphics. Most adults will never fit into the cartoony characters presented by Wii. This theory is proved by the ever-increasing popularity of playstation 5 game Move in the recent months. In fact, it’s among the bestselling gifts during Christmas time (November – December), outperforms even Wii and Kinect.

Now, if you’re looking for a smart and cheap way to get this product, you should consider getting the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle. You will get the motion controller, PS Eye Camera and bundled Sports Champions Blu-Ray game. The bundled game will let you play as the athlete in various sport fields like volley, table tennis and even gladiatorial combat.

If you choose to buy PlayStation Move Starter Bundle instead of getting only the device, you will experience the innovative game by the time the package reach your home. Furthermore, it’s cheaper than if you have to buy the device and the game separately. You can easily save up to 20% by choosing the bundle.

So, are you ready to move into the new era of gaming experience where you will feel the diminution of real world and surreal game world? If you’re ready, then it’s time to make the move.




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