Fundraising Jobs – A Rewarding Career Choice

The world of fundraising can be both challenging and incredibly rewarding. While it may take lots of hard labor, nothing beats seeing the rewards that come from helping your charitable organization. Seeing a threatened species move into a recently restored site or the huge smile of a child receiving an unexpected Christmas dinner and presents makes it all worthwhile. Getting involved in fundraising will open your mind and heart and provide job satisfaction in ways traditional careers can’t.

Types of Fundraising Jobs

There are several types of PTA fundraising ideas jobs available. One of these is telesales. In this job, you call people to tell them about your charity and key events, asking them to contribute time or money. Such a job requires thick skin, as many people will be less than happy to receive such phone calls. However, you will make meaningful connections with others who listen carefully and are inspired by your conversation.

A similar job is face-to-face fundraising. In this job, you go door-to-door or stand on street corners telling people about your charity. You might also staff a booth at a fundraising event or charity fair. This also requires you to be thick-skinned to deal with rejection. However, meeting the right people and raising awareness about a good cause can make it all worthwhile.

Another job related to fundraising is planning events for charities and non-profits. You can be involved in all aspects of planning, organizing, and carrying out a variety of fundraising activities. These could include dinners; fun runs/walks; auctions; workplace campaigns; and many other activities. Such jobs require you to be well-organized and creative. You will work with a variety of people and may need to negotiate donations or discount prices on rental halls, entertainers, and other key components. If you like fast-paced jobs with something new to do every day, this could be the job for you.

With online fundraising gaining in popularity, another possible job involves managing websites and related donations. For this job, you need skills in web design, writing, and applicable software programs. You will need to design a dynamic site that catches people’s attention and provide a secure way for them to donate funds. Such jobs may be better for those who are not as fond of direct interactions with other people, but who still want to raise funds for their favorite cause.

If none of these jobs sound quite right, there are other roles you can play in fundraising. Many groups need good administrators to track donations and expenditures and organize volunteers and stays. Those with good writing skills can write newsletters, press releases, or stories for a charity’s website. If you have good people skills, you can talk to other organizations about helping your charity. For instance, a local business may put a food donation box in their lobby for a food bank. Many agencies are looking for opportunities to connect with the community, and you can provide opportunities to, e.g. sponsor a local family needing school supplies and clothes or spend a day pulling weeds at their local park.


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