Free Violin Sheet Music on the Internet

Is it possible to find free violin sheet music on the Internet? Why are people publishing their violin music sheets for free printout? Read on and you will find tips on finding buy violin online scores and even publishing your own music notes!

How can violin sheet music be free on the Internet? We can assume that people at least do not want to loose money by producing and publishing music scores online. Here are some reasons for the presence of free violin sheets and what you can do to earn money online if you produce violin music scores!

Public domain sheet music

Publishers who supply free sheet music for violin on their websites usually make use of melodies belonging to the public domain. When someone compose a piece of music it is normally copyright protected for a limited period of time. Actually this time period can be quite long but when this time period has passed the copyright expires and the work becomes public domain.

The copyright laws vary a lot in different countries but in the United States the law stipulates a specified number of years following the creation or publication of a musical work. Many misunderstandings flourish on the Internet due to the sometimes very complicated laws in this area. In some countries a number of years are specified following the death of a composer before the work becomes public domain. Often this is 50 or 70 years. Sometimes the music is specified as traditional meaning that it has no specified composer and belongs to the public domain.

Violin sheets by the publisher

Sometimes the free violin sheet music on a website has been created and composed by the website owner himself. Of course he doesn’t need permission to use his own violin scores. But even if the music is free to download and print out it is however automatically copyright protected. A composer may showcase his violin sheet music this way trying to sell some of his compositions. If you want to use the free violin sheets in a commercial way you will have to ask for permission.

Violin scores used by permission

Another source for violin sheets on a website are compositions by other composers that want to showcase their musical creations. The website owner might also have asked for permission to use other peoples works and might also have invested money to be permitted to use music this way.

Why are publishers offering free violin sheet music?

Many website owners are not dependent on getting money from the work with their website. They only want to compensate for the invested money in paying for a domain name and a hosting company. This boils down to the fact that there often are some sort of economic motive for offering violin music for free.


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