Choosing The Best Vape Tank

Before we get into the good stuff, we need to cover a few basics. What is a vape tank? A tank is the component of theΒ vapeΒ that holds theΒ vape juiceΒ and contains the heating element. In most cases, tanks are constructed of plastic, pyrex or metal (stainless steel and anodized aluminum) and are screwed into your vape mod.

Cartomizer, Clearomizer, Or Glassomizer?

While each of these options have many similarities, there are also many variables that make each of them quite different. Specifically:

  • AΒ cartomizerΒ is a tank that has cotton within the tank to absorb e-liquid and make it available to be heated by the coil when the battery is activated.
  • AΒ clearomizerΒ has a coil, but instead of using cotton, they have wicks that absorb the e-liquid. Clearomizers generally have reservoirs that hold e-liquid so that vapers only have to refill their e-liquid after several hits.
  • AΒ glassomizerΒ is mostly the same as a clearomizer, except that the reservoir is made of pyrex glass and not plastic. Unlike plastic, pyrex glass won’t erode over time as a result of the acidity in the e-liquid.

Pre-Built Vs Custom Coil Builds

Coils are housed in theΒ vaping tank. Most of best vape brands offer pre-built coils for their brand’s tanks – making it simple to replace coils by unscrewing the burned-out coil and easily screwing in the new coil. However, some more advanced vapers prefer to self build their coils, and prefer aΒ Disposable VapeΒ with a buildable deck.


Vaping tanks accept coils at specified resistance levels. A lower resistance level often means more vapor production, while a higher resistance level is best for those who prefer a more contained vaping experience. Those whoΒ vapeΒ at lower wattages are typically comfortable with a higher resistance level, while those who prefer sub-ohm vaping usually use vape coils with a lower resistance rating.


Airflow is an extremely important factor when it comes to choosing the best vape tank. The amount of airflow your vape tank allows can completely change your experience while vaping. Some people prefer a limited airflow that more resembles the experience of smoking, while others enjoy the smooth hit that comes with a maximum level of airflow. Less airflow also means more heat – the more airflow available, the cooler the vape will be.


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