Agarwood Oil and Its Glory

Agarwood Oil is known by every religion since ancient times. It is described in the Bible as the name Aloe so it is also called Aloeswood. People of Egypt and Other GCC countries were using it during their prayers and also used for sensual purposes. The Kind of Saudi Arabia always uses the Oud perfume which makes it more precious and popular among their community. They know the qualities of Oud, its uses and it is acceptable as one of the luxurious product of Gulf.

The Agar tree is found in India, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. Indian Oud is one the best in comparison with others. Its botanical name is “Aquilaria agollocha”.ย The plantation of Agarwood Oil is going on in Assam, India,which is known for its natural existence of wild Agarwood trees. While in very forest of Imphal and Naroni there are still thousands of trees of Agarwood oil but they are not accessible.

A special fungus is used for saturating the wood of Agar. After that we leave this saturated wood into a water tank for several months. Finally we used that resin like material for distillation of oud oil. The real oud comes on to top of the receiver after steam distillation. Middle layer belongs to the second grade of oud and lower layer is called residue which further used for making low cost oud with synthetic bases. The real oud is not very viscous material; it is very easy to pour out, the second grade is little thick and left in the receiver for getting more pure oud on it and after completion of the distillation, we do properly extract the real oud from second grade.



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